Field Work and Installation Support for Renewable Energy Generation and Storage Systems

Field Services & Project Management For Projects Across Canada

Energy Canvas Projects is proud to be one of the sister companies of Energy Canvas.

We provide field services for renewable energy projects at various stages of development and operation. Our in-house team of professionals works with industry partners to support projects across Canada with the necessary field services and documentation to achieve maximal traceability of an asset’s status. We also work closely with our equipment and consulting divisions for an integrated project support system.

Our core services offered in the past include but are not limited to met tower installation and instrumentation, maintenance programs, LiDAR deinstallation, tower decommissioning, as well as supplementary services, such as site investigations, drone surveys, and 3rd party monitoring.

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Popular Services

Met Tower Installation

Working closely with our equipment division, we provide full-service met tower installation solutions on projects across Canada. We also provide oversight and support as a 3rd party instrumentation and commissioning expert of met towers, working with both industry partners and in-house talent to support measurement campaigns. As a team of experienced professionals, we help execute the final stages that turn our clients’ goals from conceptual to operational.

Drone Surveys

One of our more well-received field services is drone footage. We have used drones during site inspections of greenfield sites and on operational projects too. Sometimes it is to provide a clearer understanding of existing site conditions before any installation work begins, and other times it is to diagnose issues in operation. Other benefits drone videos can offer include providing a different dimension on installation documentation and supporting conversations around post-installation crop damage estimation.


We have had a lot of past success in the decommissioning of retired measurement campaigns. We work with industry partners to ensure that the work is done safely with proper documentation for maximal traceability. Also, we believe in support the local community and residents, so whenever possible, we are happy to work with farmers and landowners on the fieldwork on their lands.

Other Services

Energy Canvas Projects is dedicated to helping you with field services you need to make sure that your project is taken care of throughout its life cycle.

We have experience in:

  • Pre-installation site investigation for better understanding of ground conditions and installation strategy.
  • Pre-decommissioning site investigation for reporting and analysis of asset wear and tear
  • Installation & instrumentation of met towers via joint efforts with partnering companies
  • Deinstallation of remote sensing tools, such as LiDAR and SoDARs
  • Regular maintenance and check-ups of operational meteorological stations
  • Site visit for troubleshooting for LiDAR, SoDAR and met towers with a wide range of loggers