Field Work and Installation Support for Renewable Energy Generation and Storage Systems

Energy Canvas Projects is proud to be one of the sister companies of Energy Canvas.

We provide field services for renewable energy projects of various stages, such as installation and commissioning, maintenance programs, decommissioning, and more.

About Energy Canvas Projects

Energy Canvas first started in 2013 as a renewable energy consulting company. As the company has grown over the years and our expertise has gained recognition, the scope of our service offerings expanded.

Hence, Energy Canvas Projects was established to focus on providing our clients field services while working with the equipment and consulting divisions for an integrated project support system.

Our Services

Energy Canvas Projects is dedicated to helping you with field services you need to make sure that your project is taken care of throughout its life cycle.

We have experience in:

  • Pre-installation site visits for reporting and analysis

  • Installation & instrumentation of met towers via joint efforts with partnering companies

  • Regular maintenance and check-ups

  • Site visit for troubleshooting for LiDAR, SoDAR and Met Towers with a wide range of loggers

  • Tower decommissioning

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